Laci & Mark Wedding Invitations

Laci and Mark are a fantastic couple, and we really enjoyed getting to know them. They are both into strength training and getting outdoors, which was inspiring for us. They knew what they wanted and we knew we’d enjoy creating something they’d love. Since the wedding was to be in Tahoe, we went with an outdoors and tree forest theme. The colors were subtle and Laci knew she wanted a little bit of plum and pink! Screen printing, hand-stamped envelopes, and a woodland creature friend brought in the details that made their invites awesome. We enjoyed all the ideas we created for them, but are glad they were so happy with the direction they picked.

Block 1

Fine Papers, Textured Cover Stocks & Envelopes

Block 2

Screen Printing, Photo & Illustration Fun

Block 3

One Of A Kind Wedding Invitations

Paper Story

We really had fun with the paper by using organic papers to tell the story of how Mark and Laci love the outdoors and are super active. We also created custom illustrations that communicated their love for nature and working out. We had so much fun hand stamping envelopes, and implementing an organic feel throughout the invitation set.

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