This is kind of our un-announced niche. For us, wedding invitations is the most amazing culmination of print, illustration, storytelling, and graphic design. We create super custom wedding invitation sets that aim to tell your story as a couple, like no one else could.

We have a TON of experience with wedding invitation design, along with actually printing the sets ourselves with our own hands. Which gives us an intimate understanding of how designs can tell an impacting story on paper.

Basically, if you hire us for your wedding invitations, you will get something that is one of a kind, a treasure in itself which will wow your guests, but provide memories for years to come.

We try to make the process of working together simple for you, and you know what milestones to expect. One thing to note, is usually we do not start the design process until you have content ready for that particular piece.

  • Step 1: You contact us via our form. We like to have a quick phone conversation to get to know you and ask any follow up questions.
  • Step 2: We then send you a quote and agreement. Once that is all taken care of, it is time for us to get to work!
  • Step 3: We will send you a schedule of when the first round of concepts are to be reviewed. We are usually able to get a design we think is right for you here, and we like to review in person if possible. If not, we can do a Skype meeting, which can be fun!
  • Step 4: We meet, get your feedback and refine down a direction, get the final approval from you.
  • Step 5*: We create design mechanicals that we send off to the printer.
  • Step 6: We then send you each piece, all packaged up and ready for you to assemble. We also send you instructions on how to properly assemble them. Need us to assemble? Let's talk about that!

* If you choose us as your printer, we will handle everything!

Our magic lies in communicating your story. Even after we get a questionnaire from you, and the initial contact, which is the love to sit with you and hear about your story is a couple and get your general vibe. Meeting you really helps us develop a relationship with you as well as this is a huge moment in your life.

We can screen print, over print, regular digital printing, and hand on elements. As much as we would love to letterpress things, we don’t have the space  for a letterpress machine. We can outsource that process, but were not going to lie, it will be expensive. Also, when we say hand done elements, we are talking about hand addressing envelopes, or doing anything custom that needs our human touch on each piece.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to purchase stamps. You will need to purchase stamps for save the dates and for the wedding invitation set. Also, don’t forget the stamps for the RSVP if you have a self mailer.

For Save The Dates, we will send you the final printed pieces for you to send to your guests.

For the main invitation pieces, we will send you each printed section wrapped up and safe. We will also send you detailed instructions on how to assemble. Then you will take that package, assemble and send to your guests!

Save The Dates: Save the dates go out before the main invitation. This can set the tone for your story. Usually these are snet out 6 months in advance.

Main invitation piece: This is the big announcement with all of the details. We suggest looking at our wedding invitation portfolio for examples of the creative work we do. Usually main invitations are sent out 3 months prior to the wedding.

RSVP self mailer: We also can design R.S.V.P's that are fun and can be self mailed. Keep in mind you will need purchase postage stamps.

Additional pieces needed: Every set can be different. Some may need accommodation cards, info slips, and maybe a fund designed piece just for show. We can handle it all, it really depends on what tells your story best.

Custom Lettering Addressed Envelopes: We will custom address each envelope by hand with some dope lettering.

Usually we break the set up into two phases. Phase 1 is the save the date, and usually gets sent out sometimes six months before the wedding. Then, the wedding invitation set will be sent out 2 to 3 months before the wedding date. Some considerations for people traveling far away should be made.

If we are just talking just development and production of the concepts to send to you for approval, usually 2 to 3 weeks. That timeframe is that each stage, so if you got a save the date and wedding invitation set look at that time frame for that stage. Also, there is the in between time for printing, delivery, and just getting to know you by having a meet up on Skype or in person.

We always encourage you to reach out to us if we are a little out of your budget, but you just have to work with us. We are all about open lines of communication and seeing what we can work out. Maybe we figure out a way to do these set in less pieces, or find an economic print process that will fit your budget. Just give us a holler we really will try to make it work.

We for sure think a save the date is good to start with. Even if you are doing something online, we find that people connect way better with a physical piece to remind them of your big day. Also, with save the dates we’ve had an opportunity to make a lot of really cool things that can hang on someone’s fridge or around the house as a piece of art. So basically, you will be a smile inducing reminder to the people that are special in your lives. For the main invitation set, we think that the main invite with the basic info of family and brightened room, where and what time is essential. An accommodations card is great to give all of the information for registries and hotels. A map card is also great because it’s another art piece that communicates your couples essence and can make people laugh with fun illustrations. All that said, people are doing a lot of these pieces online for a wedding website, and an accommodations card with some basic info and the web address will do fantastic. Also, don’t let us forget the RSVP. If it’s done online it could be talked about on the accommodations card, or we can come up with adult fun RSVP that self mails.

You can easily email us at or you can go ahead and contact us through the form here on this website. We usually will get back to you that day if you contact us early, or the next day. Shameless plug: you can also follow us on Facebook or one of our Instagram’s and just message us from there. Then we can stop you, just kidding.

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