Elba & Brad Save The Dates

Elba and Brad are a super fun couple and they had some really great stories to tell. We really wanted to tell about their engagement day, through an illustration! Brad proposed to Elba by hiding a ring in the sand as they were on vacation…aweee! We also did a subtle touch of adding a barley hop pattern to nod to rad’s hobby of brewing beer, and the color scheme that is worthy of the Boy who lived!

Block 1

Custom Illustration of couple’s story

Block 2

Kraft Paper

Block 3

One Of A Kind Save The Dates

Paper Story

We chose Kraft paper as we just love the natural, organic feel of the paper. We also did a custom illustration of Brad and Elba’s engagement story. Adventures on the beach, with the ring in the sand. Then to round it out we created a custom barley hops inspired pattern to tie in their love for home brewing.

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